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Lily Clairet, Vol. 1

A young girl is arguing with a cherry tree. That’s a new one for Lily, who’s managed to reach the end of her first year at high school without too much weirdness. Unfortunately for her, it’s not long after solving this odd mystery that her untroubled life begins to unravel. Discovering an abandoned room at the end of the music department corridor, she finds that aside from it being utterly run-down, it’s also devoid of its sole occupant:

Sonata Sonoda, the missing journalism club president.

February 2014 | 310 Pages | Digital, Paperback, Audiobook

Lily Clairet, Vol. 2

“Con artist or masochist?

It’s a morning to forget for Lily, who after suffering at the hands of the local wildlife then goes on to earn the ire of a beautiful girl riding a banged-up 1964 Vespa. As Lily later realises the identity of her mysterious scooter assailant, the news threatens to ensure that her year will end on anything but a peaceful note.

December 2015 | 410 Pages | Digital, Paperback, Audiobook

Lily Clairet, Vol. 3

Spring blooms amidst Saisei High School’s first murder mystery. For Lily, the season of new beginnings is marked by an invitation to watch the theatre club’s latest performance. But when a lighting malfunction threatens to spoil the show, she quickly discovers that true accidents so rarely seem to happen around her.

September 2016 | 430 Pages | Digital, Paperback, Audiobook

Lily Clairet, Vol. 4

There’s no place like home, especially if home happens to be a mythical hot springs inn.

After a bumpy train journey, Lily finally arrives in Hokkaido expecting to see the cows, meadows and mountains. But here in the Kintempsu Inn, where time seemingly doesn’t move, it’s more than the postcard views which open up her eyes.

May 2019 | 270 Pages | Digital, Paperback, Audiobook

Lily Clairet, Vol. 5

The colours of spring become more vivid with each passing day.

With the city’s cultural arts exhibition now on the horizon, it’s the chance Natsumi Nakazawa’s been waiting for to shine. But here in Saisei High School, she’s not the only one out to make a name for herself. Whether it’s those who have relentlessly pursued their dreams of stardom, or the ones dipping their toes in the limelight for the very first time, the youth of Kanazawa set their eyes towards the future.

And through it all, Lily takes a step forward, without taking another step back.

January 2020 | 320 Pages | Digital, Paperback

Lily Clairet, Vol. 6

The blooming azaleas. The overcast sky. The rising humidity.

During the day, the heat of June clashes with the start of the rainy season, while at night, the fragrance of damp leaves flows through the open window. But the coming of summer does little to warm Lily’s spirits. As the world turns slower than it did yesterday, a new emptiness appears which the vibrant colours fail to fill.

December 2020 | 300 Pages | Digital, Paperback

Lily Clairet, Vol. 7

A new day comes with a new way to be woken up.

On a warm summer’s morning, a bicycle chime outside Lily’s window plunges her into waking consciousness, followed by the scowl of a girl with twintailed hair. As the days grow steadily longer, she struggles to navigate the mountains which conspire to ruin her peaceful days. And yet her hardships only begin when she makes her way across the finishing line.

October 2021 | 280 Pages | Digital, Paperback

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